Why Are Ye So Fearful?

Let me recall for you the story of Mary Ann Baker. Her beloved and only brother suffered from the same respiratory disease that had taken their parents’ lives, and he left their home in Chicago to find a warmer climate in the southern part of the United States. For a […]

Narrow Is The Way

How can we be guided to safety in these troubled times? Some months ago, millions of watchers and listeners over the world waited breathlessly and anxiously the precarious flight of Apollo 13. The whole world, it seemed, prayed for one significant result: the safe return to earth of three brave […]

Your Father Knoweth

There was a young father who had been active in the Church as a boy, but had chosen a different path during his teenage years. After serving in the military he married a lovely girl and soon children blessed their home. One day, without warning,  their little four-year-old daughter became […]

Love Your Enemies

In the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania, a devout group of Christian people live a simple life without automobiles, electricity, or modern machinery. They work hard and live quiet, peaceful lives separate from the world. Most of their food comes from their own farms. The women sew and knit and weave […]

If Ye Shall Come Unto Me

  A Union officer applied to President Lincoln, his commander-in-chief, for permission to leave his regiment to attend to the burial of his wife. Lincoln gruffly refused. Another battle was imminent, and every officer was needed. The next morning President Lincoln reconsidered and granted the request. He went to the room of the grieving man, […]

Blessed Are The Meek

“I believe the Savior Jesus Christ is the supreme example of meekness. Even during the last moments of His mortal life, being unfairly accused and condemned, painfully carrying His cross up to Golgotha, being mocked and cursed by His enemies, being abandoned by many who knew Him and had witnessed […]

He Gave Some Apostles

God is no longer a remote being; he is here among us by his Holy Spirit. The Savior is no mythical person. He is a great reality and he lives. He too is here among us by his ordained representatives, the apostles and prophets. May we have the good sense […]

To The Mother Who’s Scared About Having Her Baby

Please allow me to tell you about someone very dear to me…. She’s my sister, Adrian. Adrian Adrian was a special girl. She was mentally-retarded. I know it’s not politically correct to use that term. But that’s what we always knew it as – and we were never ashamed of it […]

I Knew Thee

If it were possible for the Lord Jesus to descend from the mansions of glory and take possession of a mortal tabernacle, and be born of a woman in the shape of an infant, is it not equally possible that we all did the same? Everything that we know concerning […]

His Father Saw Him

In the parable of the prodigal son, we find a powerful lesson for families and especially parents. After the younger son “came to himself,” he decided to go home. How did he know his father wouldn’t reject him? Because he knew his father. Through the inevitable misunderstandings, conflicts, and follies […]